Millions of people around the world believe in God, even if they do not lead a religious lifestyle.
However, there are quite a few people in the world who associate faith with primitives and are sometimes even ashamed of it.

Hi, We are Neil and Razi, we come from the worlds of graphic design and branding.

We decided to stop being ashamed.

It all began when we met a religious guy in Jerusalem who decided to hide his identity because he was ashamed of it. When we asked that guy why he was ashamed of faith, he said that faith is not always "modern" and often labels him automatically as an out-of-date personally.

Since we are coming from the worlds of graphic design, we decided to combine modern art with faith and to ensure that We all could be proud of our faith in God.


To link modern art with modern faith.

We are not religious people, but we have always felt a great connection to God and we believe that faith is always relevant and will always be relevant. Our goal is to increase the discourse by modern means, so that everyone can be proud and talk about their faith in God.

Many people hang out proudly with brand logos, talk about brands and Identify with them. We decided to open a brand in which the discourse will be on God rather than on one commercial company or another.

We invite you to enjoy our designs that you feel proud to carry with them and to increase the discourse on faith.

Holy-Wear: Proud of my God